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peer pressure.

what is it?.

"Feeling like you have to do something because the people around you want or expect you to. This may make someone else or the group happy. If this makes you uncomfortable then this is peer pressure."

how to spot it.

how to avoid it.

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hello. if you feel pressured to do something you don't want to do, you should stay strong and say no. read below for more tips. 

Someone experiencing peer pressure may be: Avoiding school & other social situation Being very image conscious where not before  Changes in behavior (or displaying risky or criminal behavior where not before) Expressing feeling they don’t fit in and making social comparisons Low moods

manage it.

It is okay to say no to things if you are uncomfortable or don’t feel safe, you don’t owe an explanation for this and have a right to make your own choices and to set your own boundaries. Be confident in your decision and be assertive in voicing it. If someone is a friend then they should accept this decision and not question it. Have a planned reason to use to leave a situation if you think you may be pressured into doing something you don’t want to do, maybe share this with a trusted friend or parent/guardian who can back you up if you need to use it.

Find friends who share similar values, it is normal for this to change throughout your life and within new situations. If you don’t feel comfortable with what your friends are doing, you can suggest something else instead or can leave the situation if it doesn’t improve. Avoid situations where you may be pressured to do something you don’t want to do. E.g. if you don’t want to drink alcohol then don’t go to the pub with your friends, maybe suggest meeting them before or elsewhere.

help others.

If you feel confident to do so then speak up for others and support them in their choices. Be aware of services that can help (such as childline or youngminds) that you could recommend to someone or support them in accessing. Schools will also have support available, this could be a teacher, school counsellor or wellbeing staff.

further support.

Childline Young minds The mix

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