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meet the team.

who are we?.

"the choices team are a varied bunch of friendly staff with lots and lots of experience. get to know a bit more about us and feel free to drop us a message and tell us something about you! message here.


keyworkers: provide the daily frontline support to young people and concerned others. 



Area Covered: Regional Favourite Band: I don’t have a favourite band really as I like lots of different types of music depending on mood and who I am with. •Favourite TV Show: My favourite TV show- I love my soaps and a good drama programme. Hobbies-: My hobbies are my love of dogs and really anything that involves animals and nature

Area Covered: Carmarthenshire Favourite Band: I don’t have a favourite band but I like Ed Sheeran Favourite TV Show: My favourite TV show is anything from David Attenborough Hobbies : My hobbies have changed. It’s all about play time with my daughter and cats


•I cover the Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire •I don’t have a favourite band but enjoy dance/workout music. •I don’t watch much tv as I much prefer to be outside doing things like sports or spending time with my family. •Rowing and bike riding


•I cover the Pembrokeshire •My favourite band is alt-J •My favourite TV show is This Is Us •My hobbies are making pottery and Meditating


•I cover Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion •My favourite band is Dr Meaker •My favourite TV show is Black Mirror •My two favourite hobbies and foraging and Wild swimming


•I cover Pembrokeshire •My favourite bands are Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. •My favourite Tv show is Black Mirror •My hobbies include Disc Golf and going to the Gym



•I cover Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. •My favourite band is young fathers. •I am currently watching the office (US) for the billionth time (fav tv show) •I enjoy walking the dogs and painting.


Area that I cover: Carmarthenshire (based in Llanelli) Favorite band: Arctic Monkeys Favorite TV show: The 100 Hobbies: dog walking, socialising with friends.

Area that I cover: Ceredigion Favorite band: ACDC Favorite TV show: Stranger Things Hobbies: Volunteering with St. John's Ambulance


admins: we input data, fix problems and we are the people you will speak to on the phone



Work Area: Pembrokeshire Favourite band / singer: I like all different types of music new and old. Favourite TV show: peaky blinders/stranger things Hobbies: reading, diamond painting, walking

Area that I cover: Ceredigion Favorite band: The Beatles Favorite TV show: Twin Peaks Hobbies: Collecting Vinyls, Weird horror films from the 70s + 80s and Dungeons and Dragons


I cover Carmarthenshire, Llanelli. My favourite band is IDLES. Favourite TV Show is Always Sunny in Philadelphia My hobbies are playing bass guitar, gaming and graphic design

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