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about us.

who are we?.

"choices young person service is a place for 11-18 year olds (up to 25 years of age for older adults) to get support for drug and alcohol use"

our offices.


St Mary Street, Cardigan, SA43 1EU. Cardigan office offer young peoples provision on a Friday every week. During the rest of the week Choices are very lucky to use Youth spaces in the town. One of the main centers we use is the Depot. This is a charity run venue which has arrange of fun and informative activities for young people in the local area.


Allied House, Ebenezer Row, Haverfordwest SA61 2JP. The ground floor at Allied House is Choices’ young person’s floor and our Pembrokeshire team’s base. In Pembrokeshire, Choices offer appointments at school, college, home, or out in the community, at the beach, café, or anywhere you feel most comfortable. If you would like to attend your appointments at a quiet office, with private rooms, Allied House is the place to visit. In our reception area, we hold 1:1 and group sessions, meetings, and informal chats with anyone wanting to call by. The walls are full of helpful information and harm reduction advice on drugs and alcohol. These walls are ready for decoration and we would love to hear your ideas on what could adorn this space. We have one big and one small meeting room where we hold private appointments, diversionary activities such as arts and crafts, as well as staff interviews with young person’s involvement. We have a relaxation room where we can offer Auricular Acupuncture and other complementary therapies. We have a free and confidential young persons’ Needle Exchange service for young people using substances, including Prescription Medications, Steroids and other Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs. We offer naloxone/nyxoid training and kits (this temporarily reverses the effects of an opiate overdose); Dry Blood Spot Testing; access to sterile needles and syringes; safe disposal of used needles; advice on safer injecting, responding to an overdose and accurate drug knowledge.


1-3 Vaughan Street, Llanelli, SA15 3TY. Our Llanelli office is situated above Boots in the main town centre. Unfortunately we do not have the facility here to see young people, however you can attend for some Needle Exchange Support. Please call 0330 363 9997 to speak to our team.

we provide.

One to one specialist support for young people who use substances, including a comprehensive assessment, brief interventions and  care planning.

Support for families to help them to understand, respond to and cope with the substance use of their young family members

Workshops and awareness-raising sessions in schools and community venues

Peer education and accredited training for young people


service philosophy.

we promise to:

Provide a service and a safe environment for all genders, identities, sexualities and bodily ability and uphold the values of LGBTQ+ communities. 

Empower the right to individual goals and promote harm reduction (ways to reduce harm linked with substance use).

Understand that there are lots of reasons why people use substances. some for enjoyment, some for self-medication and some for escapism. 


Protect vulnerable young people from harm, exploitation and abuse. When needed we will facilitate appropriate intervention from relevant services wherever needed. 

Recognise mental health and support conversations around this eg. suicide and self-harm. We will then signpost to/involve services which can support you further to help improve your mental health. 

Be non-judgmental and create an arena of trust, honesty and confidentiality.


service charter.

you have the right to:

Be treated with respect, dignity, and confidentiality. 

Your information will be kept confidential within the team. This means whatever you tell us stays with us unless you are putting yourself at risk or someone else. If this happens, we will need to pass this information on. Should this happen, we will let you know and explain why we have to do so.

An explanation of the choices services, so you know what drug/alcohol treatment options  are available to you. We can also let you know about other related services that might be able to help you.

Complain or comment about any part of the Choices services. We like to know what is working well and what we can improve on. This helps us to make the service better for everyone. 

An appointment arranged within 10 working days of a referral being received by us. 

Full involvement in drawing up and reviewing your care plan (this is explained in the interventions page).

Receive support and services designed to meet YOUR needs. 

Independent advocacy. This means speaking up for YOU to make sure your voice is heard.

A female or male worker. You may want to change your worker, and we will do our best to do so.

about barod 

are you ready?:

  • We believe that by making small changes, people can see big improvements to their health, relationships and other important areas in their lives. We focus on reducing harm caused by substance use, whether that’s harm to those using them, to their family and friends or within the community.

  • We believe that individuals and their experiences are unique and that everyone is entitled to respect and dignity.

  • We believe that learning is key to success, and that we can learn as much from our service users as they do from us.

  • We believe in quality – whether that’s in the services we provide, the data we collate, the support for our staff or the partnerships we have.

  • We believe in empowerment and opportunity; supporting individuals to learn that they have what they need to reach their goals.

  • We believe in partnership and co-production – working closely with other organisations, but also with our service users to best meet the current need.

At Barod, our friendly, trained workers operate across most of South and West Wales, providing support to individuals affected by alcohol and drugs, and their friends and family. The support and information we provide is free, confidential and non-judgmental.

Barod specialises in substance use support for both adults and young people.

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