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speak to us.

we love having messages so please feel free to contact us. make sure you give us a phone number or email address so we can respond to you. alternatively, please call: 0330 363 9997

Please Note:
Professionals please click
here to make a referral.

I am a:

Thank you for sending choices a message.

We will respond within 48 hours, if you do not receive a response within this time please contact

0330 363 9997.   

Please note that for Choices to work with a young person we must have the consent of the young person as our service is voluntary.

Once submitted your referral form will be processed by locality admins using our secure and confidential database system. Once processed, a locality keyworker will provide an appointment within 20 working days. Alternatively, you are welcome to attend Open Access (Over 18's only) and speak to a member of staff in person. Call 0330 363 9997 for more information. 

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