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WARNING: You may learn something. Be careful which card you pick. This is educational. Also, take this sword you might need it.

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hello. this page is about drug types - all drugs belong to a type. just have fun and click the cards. message choices if you need help.


​stim-you-lunts: Speed up the body like when you have too much sugar.  Go low and slow, consider just a ¼ of a pill, or a small dab of powder. Wait at least 1 hour before taking any more. Many pills in circulation contain a large amount of MDMA – sometimes up to 3x an average adult dose. Pills that look the same, even from the same batch, may have different contents. Crush. dab. Wait. Crush the pill up into a fine powder, lick your fingertip and dab the powder onto gums, then wait 1-2 hours for the effects of that dose before considering taking another.  Sip water, aim to drink around ½ pints per hour. MDMA makes it difficult to pee and makes you feel thirsty. This means it’s easy to drink too much. If you don’t urinate enough this can cause overhydration which is dangerous. Drink slowly and replenish these e.g Sports drinks are a good choice because they contain electrolytes. Do not mix, mixing drugs increases risk – be aware of any interactions between drugs including alcohol and prescription medications including antidepressants. Mixing with stimulants like cocaine and MDMA increases the risk to your heart. Ask for help when needed, things to look out for: Excessive sweating, disorientation, agitation, people who are hot to touch or so hot they have stopped sweating. Pace yourself, know your limits and look after yourself and those around you. Call 999 when needed.


​Dee-pres-antz: Like having low battery on your phone and nowhere to charge it.  Start with a small amount as doses can vary. It’s important to start with a small test amount first.  Avoid mixing with other drugs as this increases the risk of overdose/death.  Depressants can affect your ability to drive safely, making you feel drowsy and affecting your reaction time. Tolerance can also build up quickly resulting in you needing more to get desired effect. This increases the risk of overdose and dependency. Withdrawal symptoms can happen even if you have only used for a short period. Avoid using every day and take regular breaks from using.



​oh-pee-ats: very addictive and comes in many different forms. How much you use is very easy to get wrong and the biggest risk of using opiates is overdosing. Start low and go slow! If possible, keep Prenoxad with you; this will temporarily reverse the effects of an opiate overdose (but does not make them safe to use!) Do not mix with other central nervous system depressants, or ‘downers’, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines. Opiates can make you less aware of dangers so make sure you are in a safe place with people you trust. Drugs are often not what you think they are. Only take medicines that are prescribed to you, never take other peoples.




​ben-zoh-zzz like depressants but mostly in a pill. Some people put it into a drink called "lean" If you’ve been prescribed benzodiazepines, take them exactly how you’ve been advised to by your doctor. Avoid mixing with other drugs, especially alcohol. This increases risk of overdose. The best way to stay safe from ‘street benzos’ is to avoid them completely. You might not always know that the benzos you are taking are fake. If you got your benzos from the dark web, social media, or from a friend, be CAREFUL when taking them. Have them tested through wedinos! Try not to take benzodiazepines for more than 4 weeks unless you have been advised to by a doctor. Don’t stop taking them suddenly. This can cause some nasty withdrawal symptoms and can even be dangerous. If you want to stop or reduce, it’s important to seek support from a medical professional.  Benzos can cause drowsiness and sleepiness.  So if using, it’s best to avoid driving or doing any activities while you are using them. You could really hurt yourself or someone else.



​ha-loo-sin-oh-jens: when people say "trippy" or "far out" they are usually speaking about mushrooms.  Surrounding, Environment, Head space. Hallucinogens can alter the way you see, feel, hear and experience the world.  Make your space as safe and comfortable as possible. Your experience can be affected by your current mood.  You are more likely to experience a ‘bad trip’ if you are in a negative head space.  Having a designated ‘Trip sitter’ can help if the experience becomes too intense and can give support.

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